of Interfaith Retreat Leaders

We are a community that believe the sharing of Divine love in the spirit of peace, service and humility is our highest purpose.

Our Founders

Bruce Davis, Ph.D.

Author & Co-Founder

"As awareness rests in the heart, an indescribable joy from within unfolds." ​Bruce Davis

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Ruth Davis

Teacher, Author & Co-Founder

"A retreat is time to come home inside yourself where the mind stops and silence of the heart begins." Ruth Davis

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Introducing our Heart Team

Occasionally our Heart Team will support Ruth & Bruce Davis at our Montecito location.

Nicole Becker


Nicole draws on 30 years of immersion in the radical acceptance practices of Classical Yogic & Tantric philosophy and world devotional/mystical practices. She delivers a simultaneously simple and sophisticated yoga practice that harmonizes the whole being and heals the personal and collective nervous system. Her teaching is expressed with authenticity, depth, graciousness, humor, and a sometimes uncanny intuition of exactly what you need to feel and hear.  

Nicole teaches you how to do "your Yoga" - emphasizing a natural and personalized approach including movement, breath, rest, and meditation. Her movement classes are a unique blend of traditional yoga, yoga therapy, modern somatic exploration, developmental movement, meditative inquiry and laughter. She assists people of all ages, experience, and fitness levels to get curious and stay compassionate.

Nicole is a certified HeartFullness Meditation Teacher and part of the interfaith teaching team, trained by Ruth and Bruce Davis of Silent Stay Retreats.

Brenda Brisch

Assisi Retreat Leader

Brenda has been lovingly guiding contemplative retreats for over 40 years and has devoted much of her life to spiritual inquiry.  After practicing Transcendental Meditation in the 1970’s, she studied Vedanta philosophy and yoga with an Indian monk from Gujarat.  She began teaching Hatha Yoga in his school in Chicago shortly thereafter.

In 1976, she met her teacher, Swami Muktananda, with whom she traveled widely for many years. She became a monk under his auspices, and he instructed her to continue teaching in Europe, India, and the United States.  She was the swami in residence at his ashram in Paris.

​She joined the Silent Stay community of retreat leaders in 2016, teaching in California and Assisi, Italy. Brenda helps people discover their own pathway to inner peace, and to understand that all of life’s circumstances are a guide to finding the stillness within.

Vinod Ravindranathan

Assisi Retreat Leader

Vinod has been practicing meditation for over 30 years.  In 1994 he was trained in Vipassana at the Wat Ram Poeng monastery in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  Although not a buddhist monk,  he accomplished the same degree of training.  A few years later he earned his Mindfulness Teacher Training from Bangor University.

​He currently facilitates the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course in London. In the earlier part of his career, he worked in the corporate world as a lawyer before joining various non-profit organisations including; the UNHCR and Amnesty International Secretariat in London.  In Amnesty International he helped people dealing with sexual & gender equality, migrant & refugee rights, compassionate care for drug addicts and animal welfare.

Vinod finds joy in sharing the heart practices of St Francis as a guide to inner peace.

Gusti Ngr Oka Adiputra El Aleph

Program Coordinator Bali, Indonesia​

Gusti, native to Bali, lives in a area near the Mother Temple.  He lovingly guides us to the sacred places, temples and ceremonies. He is a bright light representing the beauty and wholeness of Balinese culture and spirituality.  His warm open heart is a gift to us all.  He has become a village leader and collects donation to bring food to those in need.

In Gratitude

We are honored to teach alongside our Heart Team. Their extensive commitment to spiritual practice, community life and heart filled journey, is a gift to everyone.