Ruth Davis

Teacher, Author & Co-Founder

"A retreat is time to come home inside yourself where the mind stops and silence of the heart begins." Ruth Davis

At age six, Ruth had a spiritual awakening in her first ballet class.  Her heart burst open to the divine and joy filled her body.  She felt she was dancing to God, the all and everything.  Her heart was no longer only hers but she felt a kindness to every human.  Her dance became her devotional practice, which eventually matured into the energetic studies of Yoga, Chi Gung and the movement of consciousness through the body and beyond the body.

Ruth began meditation practice at the age of 16 in 1968 when she embraced Surat Shabd Yoga as her spiritual path.  Shortly after her initiation, she started visiting holy sites in India including the Punjab region, Rishikesh, Hardwar, Varanasi and most recently Chennai.  She is a continuing student of Vedic, Tantric wisdom & Mystic Catholicism, with particular connection to the teachings of Ramana Maharshi, the silent saint. She raised 2 daughters and has 2 grandchildren.  Business & family life alongside spiritual practice have always been her world view. She holds certifications in Ayurvedic Medicine, Clinical Hypnotherapy & NLP.

In 1993 after the death of her first husband she began leading spiritual retreats worldwide with her current partner Bruce Davis.

In 2000 Ruth and Bruce founded the Assisi Retreat Center a Temple to the World Religions in the heart of the ancient city of Assisi Italy and in 2002 opened Silent Stay Assisi.

In 2005 began study of the MahaVidyas (Wisdom Mothers of Yoga Tantra) while living and teaching in Assisi Italy. From the past 15 years of contemplation came:

  • a meditative movement practice called Sacred Movement Ritual.  In the style of Chi Gung it contains sprititual lessons and energetic practices.
  • two books:  Sacred Movement Ritual, Yoga Philosophy in Movement  AND  Journeying up the Mountain with the Tantric Goddesses, an initiation into the 10 Cosmic Powers.
  • the ability to connect students to  their spiritual heart, their essence or core of being, from where all answers are avialable.

​In 2012 she co-founded Silent Stay Meditation Center in Vacaville, California.  Having served over 2200 guests a wildfire came through one fateful night in 2020, burned the center and 220 other homes to the ground.  But one thing remained..... the peace found in the silence, which can never be taken or destroyed.

She currently lives and works in Montectito California with her husband Bruce Davis at Silent Stay Retreat Center (located in Pacifica Graduate Institute).

Ruth provides private sessions & spiritual counseling for those seeking to deepen their connection to the Path of their Heart. 

Creator of Sacred Movement Ritual

Sacred Movement Ritual is a series of nine contemplations in movement. Ruth, a devotional dancer from childhood has been teaching movement as a spiritual practice since 1985.  It is a culmination of her life's journey of professional dance, eastern philosophy, devotion and Chi Gung. She invites people to experience the spiritual wisdom that can be found within basic movement. Having studied Chi Gung Ruth found the essence of the teaching as a deep connection to nature and oneness. Moving with nature we learn to move at the pace of peace.  She dedicates her dance / movement to Divine Love.

revealed and connects us to the oneness of nature and the infinite love of the Divine Mother. Movement can be a healing practice, a mystical practice of removing internal obstacles so that we are released into Love. Subtle & gross movements of the physical body mirror inner states and awareness. We can use outer movement to explore, align and ascend to our highest spiritual potential.

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