"Step out of the busy-ness of daily life, into the sanctuary of your heart."

by Bruce Davis
"Our silent retreats are precious days free from our daily story and all that we are doing.  In the quiet, we can open to an inner state of love and beauty.  In the silence and stillness, we can explore our own inner landscape."
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Nicole Becker, Ruth Davis, Bruce Davis, Ph.D.

Silent Stay offers 2 to 3 night retreat stays in Santa Barbara at the Pacifica Graduate Institute or at The Ojai Hermitage in Ojai. The daily retreat program includes teachings and guidance on heart-centered silence with teachers Bruce Davis PhD, Ruth Davis and Nicole Becker. Bruce and Ruth have been leading contemplative silent retreats worldwide since 1983 and are teachers of the world philosophies.

We offer 3 group meditation sessions daily along with silent sitting, silent meals, non-doing periods with optional guided relaxation and gentle yoga. Take time for a silent walk along meandering paths, and rest amidst the expansive contemplative gardens. Both of our locations are set on acres and acres of natural beauty.

Our approach emphasizes nurturing the heart through; simplicity, heart centered meditation and slow living. The daily program provides a gentle container where we can let go of effort and practice receiving the presence available in the present moment. This is about the simplicity of just being which leads to inner peace.

The beauty of silence is that it is spacious, and universal. Our non-denominational retreats allow each person to feel and listen to what is naturally sacred within. Resting in silence, guided by the intention of receiving the gifts of quiet, we find a deep commonality and community in the Heart.

Journaling, reading, meditating in the calm quiet of our heart, we can reconnect to the depth of our inner being. Daily life activities can cover up the qualities of the heart. The gift of silence is having nothing to do, nothing to say, while listening and learning from the silence.  Here we can experience resting our mind in the spacious quiet of our heart.​ If you desire simple peace these retreats are for you.

Silent Stay Retreats are held at two locations:

Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, CA

The Ojai Hermitage in Ojai, California

Welcome to the peace found in the silence.

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I had been attending various Silent Retreats for over 10 years before I finally found the magic that is Silent Stay. That very first retreat was such a profoundly transformative and life-changing experience, and with every retreat thereafter my inner peace, my healing, my spiritual practice, my growth, my self-love and compassion has deepened, and my light and my heart continue to expand.

​Ruth and Bruce teach us how to take these practices home with us.

Thank you eternally, Ellen

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