Refining your Practice

Initiation into the Spiritual Heart
Spiritual Direction

Initiation into the Spiritual Heart:
This 5 part series is intended to awaken you to the inner light and wisdom of your Spiritual Heart that guides you. Taking this step, means you commit to your Heart as your personal Path:

Dissolve all effort around spirituality and enjoy ease of practice.
Bring & resolve every question about spirituality and your place in the world.
Honor the culmination of your lifetime of inner work.
Refine your energy.
Grow your practice within your wordly activities.
Remain in direct contact with all of nature and your highest Self.  See Program

Spiritual Direction Individual Sessions:
‍Resolve Personal issues
Learn how to meditate
Learn how to listen to your inner child
Discover your Heart Mantra

Ruth is available for spiritual guidance, advice and counseling.  She knows, by her own experience, that there is nothing more precious or fulfilling than to support others on the path of their Heart. In Person or by Zoom. See program

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