We currently offer six-day, five-night meditation retreats in the peace of Assisi. Your retreat includes a guided pilgrimage to the sacred sites of this ancient hilltop town. Guests of all traditions are welcome. We are cultivating inner peace and gentleness.

Each guest has a private room and bathroom.  Double rooms are also available.  We stay in the Center of the old city in a family run Pensione. Our retreats begin with morning meditation. We meet 2-3 times each day to reflect on the special peace of Assisi, how it touches our hearts and then we visit the sacred gardens, olive groves and monasteries of ancient Assisi.

For centuries people from all over the world and from all paths, have been coming to Assisi to feel the vibrant presence of St Francis and St. Clare of Assisi.

By giving oneself a retreat in the heart of ancient Assisi, we experience its profound spirit & beauty.  As we bring this into our daily practices, our contemplative journey becomes ​especially powerful and memorable.

"The spiritual presence of Assisi nourishes the heart."  Ruth Davis
Our current location is in a garden setting ​in the center of the historic town of Assisi, Italy.

Assisi Retreat Locations

Through the Years

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Assisi, Italy 1999-2009
Temple for World Religions

In 1999 Ruth & Bruce restored the original Courthouse of Assisi, that existing in the time of St Francis and St Clare, into a Peace Center for the World Religions. Turning a room that once was a place of judgement into a place of non-judgement.  

They created altars for many of the world religions as an invitation to people from all faiths or none to sit in the peace of Assisi together.  With altars to Christianity, Judaism, the Muslim Faith, Buddhism, Nature Religions and Hinduism.  People of all traditions were welcomed.

Whirling dervishes, Hari Krishnas, Catholic Priests, Buddhist Rinpoche and Shamans & Hindu Priestesses all contributed their blessings and worship in the temple.  

Pope John Paul II, blessed our Center and its mission, in January of 2002. See letter below. The Temple was sold in 2010.

​Pope John Paul II
Blessed the Assisi Retreat Center in Assisi, Italy. December 2001

In January 2002, Pope John Paul II planned a meeting of the leaders of the world religions in Assisi, Italy. After being invited to visit the Assisi Retreat Center, the Vatican responded with a letter.

"From the Secretary of the Vatican to the Bishop of Assisi in the name of Pope John Paul II for the Assisi East West Retreat Center.

Mr. Bruce and Mrs. Ruth Davis are responsible for the Assisi Retreat Center. They have written His Holiness to request the possibility that he visit them during his time in Assisi on January 24th, 2002.

His Holiness is very grateful for their genuine sentiments expressed from their devout voices. Please express his gratitude to them by giving them his blessing. Unfortunately, when His Holiness is in Assisi, he will not be able to visit personally. However, please make the most of this moment and offer them his most respected blessing. Thank you for your cooperation."

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Assisi, Italy 2002-2016 - Silent Stay Meditation Center
Simple Peace Retreat Hermitage

In 2002 the Davis' created this beautiful Hermitage of Simple Peace. Awarded one of the top ten Retreat Centers in the world, by Travel & Leisure Magazine, in 2008 and again by CNN in 2011.  

It was the first Silent Stay Meditation Center!!!  It became the retreat model that we use to this very day.  Our focus is to create simple days of silence, beauty and joy for each person to connect with the deepest part of their heart.

​We sold the Hermitage in 2016.  We continue retreats now from the center of town just as we began.

Assisi, Italy

The Saints

Saint Francis

St Francis was known as the human saint and with his compassion for humanity he created the Franciscan movement. He lived approximately from 1181 - 1226 and revolutionized the Catholic Church of his day to be more humane and brought worship of Mother Mary as an important focus of Franciscan life.

Saint Clare

Saint Clare was the first woman to follow in Francis' footsteps.  She left her status and family fortune to follow Francis in his life of humility and service.  She was the first woman in history to start a monastic order for women.

Books on the Saints
Simple Peace
The Spiritual Life of St Francis of Assisi
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The Love Letters
of Saint Francis and Saint Clare
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Assisi, Italy


The Art of Massimo Crucciani | Assisi, Italy

One of our favorite artists in Assisi is Massimo Crucciani.  His glass artwork is original and unique. This painting was on our entry door to the Assisi Peace Center Temple.  He is world renowned and has the heart to match !!! With many of his pieces shown in art galleries around the world, you will see many of his pieces here at Silent Stay.

The Photography of Andrea Angelucci | Assisi, Italy

Andrea Angelucci is known as The Photographer of Assisi.  A rare and talented photographer he captures the essence of Assisi in his work.