Giving Back

Pass your peace forward

Pass your peace forward by giving someone your financial support. We dedicate 5 rooms for each retreat for scholarship students. 3% of your Retreat fee also goes to supporting this cause.

​There is a huge need for your support.
Mothers with young children are our number one priority.

Our Mission statement since 1983

is to Help people find the source of inner peace inside their Hearts.

We are a non-profit charity 501 (c)(3) with over 40 years of service. We support people of all religions, countries and backgrounds to live a deeply meaningful life. ​The path of great love and peace is to pursue a life full of heart that includes devotion, simplicity, humility and service to others.  ​

Our retreats are based on the Path of Heartfulness.  Each person has their own perfect path, and it is discovered in their own heart.  We have dedicated our lives to supporting each person to find this for themselves.   Meditation and silence open the doors to the wisdom of the heart.
Non Profit Organization 501(c)(3)
Serving people since 1983. Gifts to Spring Grove Inc, aka Silent Stay, are tax deductible in the United States ​​Fed ID #: 68-0118980.

Your donations help us transform people's lives.