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Our Scholarship Request Form

  • Please tell us a little about yourself and what kind of need you have.
  • Please explain your circumstances and our board will review your request.
  • Please which retreat date you are interested in.  ​
Thank you for applying.  We award partial scholarships. Wishing you much peace.
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Please note: Scholarships are awarded as partial scholarships.
You are most welcome to be included in our partial scholarship student list.
  • We reserve 10% of the facility for scholarship students.
  • Tell us how much you feel you can contribute.    
  • Please fill out the form to be on our list. We will let you know at least one month before the scheduled retreat if we can help you attend.
  • If we are able to accommodate you, we ask in return that you help promote the work after the retreat coming from your own personal experience, by telling your friends, family and social media contacts.  We encourage everyone to join the free online weekly meditations as well to keep your retreat going and to nurture your heart self.