Our True Nature

​Meditation can teach us to let go of our busy mind and be in our heart.

We can stop the busy mind and come into the calm quiet heart. Instead of always thinking, our awareness can be open, soft, and present. No matter what the circumstances of our day are, the details, frustrations, and desires do not need to constantly occupy and overflow the river of our awareness. We do not need to live in constant stress.  The Path of Heartfulness brings us to the beauty of the moment, the river of our being, simple, and free. There is an alternative to our minds constantly on the go. There is simple peace.  It brings us to pure awareness, our natural state of being, infinite ongoing presence.

Thinking and awareness are two separate things. We can see, hear, taste, touch and feel life directly without the filter of our constant thoughts. Imagine a life where you can simply be when you want to be and think when you want to think.  As we live heartfully present from our heart essence, our thoughts, dreams, feelings become more authentic.  This brings more clarity to our relationships, work, and life in general.

Meditation does not have to be difficult. We are changing the habit of constantly thinking. We are changing our pattern of carrying the details and challenges of daily life all the time within us.  Meditation can teach us to let go of our busy mind and be in our heart.  This is a path of Heartfulness and the experience of our spiritual heart or the infinite ongoing experience of being.

This is a path of Heartfulness, the experience of our spiritual heart.  In meditation we are bathing in the simple peace that is naturally present and which reveals our true nature.  Heartfulness is the understanding of who we are as infinite presence - versus our human conditioning.

Our true nature is this peace, the gentle quiet of our own heart. We are changing the habit of constantly thinking.  We are letting go of the pattern of holding onto the details and challenges of daily life.  Heartfulness is learning to enjoy silence, our being-ness. The beauty of living in the present moment awaits us.

Life has new meaning and joy as we live in the presence of our infinitely expanding heart.

Heartfulness Meditation

Infinite Heart Awareness

in 3 steps


Offer / Surrender

The first step is offering or surrender. We begin the meditation by offering everything that is in our heart. Whatever we are busy thinking about during our day is what we are carrying in our heart. Maybe we are preoccupied with work, health, or a relationship. Whatever we are constantly thinking about is what is keeping our heart occupied and our mind busy. Our busy mind is the overflow from a crowded heart. As we offer, we begin to empty our mind, let go and open our heart. The busy mind gradually becomes still. Our awareness is returning to our heart, soft, free, infinite and naturally calm.

We offer our worries and desires, our judgments, our likes and dislikes.  We do not have to carry so much inside of us. We are offering what is in our heart to the great silence, the universe, God, whatever we want to call the greatest love. Our habit of constantly thinking is slowing down, slowly changing.​

Offering leads to acceptance of our humanness as we continue to let go and here an vast inner space opens.


Inner Vastness ​/ Infinite Heart Awareness

As we come to an emptiness of the mind the heart opens to a vastness within.  Our awareness expanding without end is infinite heart awareness. This presence is our true nature. Unencumbered by lots of thoughts, our awareness spreads into the limitlessness of our true being.​​

This vastness of our inner being is the landscape of our heart. It is infinite, free and is the great I Am that the sages speak of. Here is a great space, a valley of lightness, a reservoir of calm, an ocean of peace. Each person has their own unique experience.


Receiving / Absorption in Presence

As we rest awareness in the depths of our expanding awareness, our infinite heart, we have a direct experience of the inner qualities of the spiritual heart. Here is peace, calm, serenity, love, openness, presence of being.  These are the treasures found deep inside that support us from within.  We absorb and receive this radiant presence from the innermost sanctuary of the heart.

In the practice of receiving our radiant presence, our mental chatter recedes.  We explore and receive the many qualities within.  ​Every meditation explores this inner treasure. Our spiritual heart is our source.  It is the experience of trust, wholeness, gentleness, unending inner quiet and our true nature.