Nicole Becker


Nicole draws on 30 years of immersion in the radical acceptance practices of Classical Yogic & Tantric philosophy and world devotional/mystical practices. She delivers a simultaneously simple and sophisticated yoga practice that harmonizes the whole being and heals the personal and collective nervous system. Her teaching is expressed with authenticity, depth, graciousness, humor, and a sometimes uncanny intuition of exactly what you need to feel and hear.  

Nicole teaches you how to do "your Yoga" - emphasizing a natural and personalized approach including movement, breath, rest, and meditation. Her movement classes are a unique blend of traditional yoga, yoga therapy, modern somatic exploration, developmental movement, meditative inquiry and laughter. She assists people of all ages, experience, and fitness levels to get curious and stay compassionate.

Nicole is a certified Heartfulness Meditation Teacher and part of the interfaith teaching team, trained by Ruth and Bruce Davis of Silent Stay Retreats.

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