The New Paradigm: Heart Intelligence

Written by
Bruce Davis, Ph.D.
| Published
June 9, 2023
Heart intelligence is the paradigm that speaks to everyone's hope and frustration. Just what is our IQ score in heart intelligence? Not nearly high enough!

In the school of life, in the not-too-distant future, next to all the breakthroughs in science, they will be teaching the benefits of random acts of kindness. History books will include on the same page of who fought what wars the stories of people who won the peace. In addition to building physical endurance, gym will include strengthening awareness with exercises in generosity, self acceptance, and acceptance of others. Heart science will document the rewards from a practice of compassion and simple peace. Skills in listening, understanding, forgiveness, patience, community service, and personal development will be normal education in a world that recognizes heart intelligence.

Different kinds of meditation will be taught as students discover for themselves there is much more to self than what we normally think of as our personality. The no self, higher self, unlimited self, and much more will be studied as we open to the resources within us of peace, consciousness, the mountain passes and lush valleys of greater awareness. Emotional and heart full wellness will be recognized as important parts of medicine and intelligent living.

There will be an entire curriculum for discovering the senses through the heart. Seeing through the eyes of the heart and our perception of beauty is forever changed. Listening with the heart is much more then just hearing one another. Tasting and touching life through the heart is all part of the new paradigm. There is a wholeness from solitude, creativity rising out of emptiness, life meaning and purpose coming from simple being which will change what we do and what we hope for our future.

As the resources of the world are recognized as finite, we are seeing the inner resources of the heart to be limitless. People will frequently want to unplug from the busy details of their daily world to spend time in the wonder and beauty of the quietude and the body of deep inner presence. Here the absorption of heart essence is the food for heart intelligence. Heart essence restores awareness, heals stress, opens us to be available for a larger life. In the world of heart intelligence, each day includes a calm mind, free of thought, receiving the presence inside which is what heart intelligence is all about.

Clear thinking arises out of the moon of spaciousness. The bright sun of inner light is our source of energy and love. Constant thinking will be understood as a modern day addiction. Heart intelligence frees us from this habit as we develop meditation which is our ability to be, offer, and receive our heart. There is no need to hold so tightly our worldly identity, a larger identity is moving and changing us. Clearing the cloud of excessive thought, removing the debris of too many details on our mind, we unmask the immense landscape of our true self.

Heart intelligence influences all our choices. Life is more about win-win and less about competition. The interconnectedness of life is a natural understanding and experience of heart intelligence. We are directly experiencing the magical tapestry, the universal web of life. One heart touches all and all hearts touch one another. Heart intelligence opens this awareness, inspiring our dedicated minds in service. There is less desire to accumulate wealth as we realize inner abundance. Our own inner abundance is what heals the fear underneath much of the thought and struggle which drives so many. Heart intelligence gives a deep sense of confidence in life's journey. This cuts out many of life's routine worries and distractions.There is a profound centering experience. Home is much more than something we construct in the world but what we find welcoming us inside.

What do you do will not be the most important question in life. What is your current practice of heart intelligence will be much more interesting. People in all walks of life will be listening to the experiences of others who have had experience of great joy, wonder, near-death experiences, practical wisdom, and purposeful living.

Relationships of all kinds will be transformed as the heart takes its proper role giving a much larger view and energy to relationships. We are so much more then our likes and dislikes, the strengths and weaknesses of our personality. Heart intelligence frees us from much of the attachments of I and me to the beauty of we and us.

Beginning in the silence of the heart, in our ground of being, the richness of our very essence opens new ways of thinking, new circuits of communicating, the solutions to the challenges of our planet including the challenge of loneliness and separateness which is the root of most suffering and much disease. It is time to include the pure quiet within our heart as an important part of each day, as much as we embrace healthy food and exercise.

Heart intelligence will protect the innocent within us, around us, and in all of life. It is this rebirth of innocence which will save of us from the confines of the heavy mental worlds squeezing the heart. Children need more then head start. They need heart start before losing their core self to the weight of the world of too much thought. Heart start should be in every life with lots of freedom.

It is time to come out of the dark ages in what we call intelligence and consciously include the resources of the heart. Someday we will look back upon the dry years of education which included everything but what is most important, our hearts, our happiness, the way we connect with one another, with life and eternity. Princeton and Harvard wake up! Silicon valley and all corporate leaders are tuning in. Time to pass out the tools of heart intelligence. Time to save the Earth by investing in and developing inner gardens of silence, trust, humility, care, humor, courage, passion, play, and dignity. Heart intelligence is the paradigm that speaks to everyone's hope and frustration. Just what is our IQ score in heart intelligence? Not nearly high enough!

Written By
Bruce Davis, Ph.D.
Original Pub. Date:
July 2, 2014
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