Connecting to your
Spiritual Heart

Private Instruction

Connecting to your Spiritual Heart

The Oasis in the Heart

This work connects you to your Spiritual Heart where all of life's answers are given. This is a deeply transformative session where you will learn to feel your heart essence radiating throughout your body and consciousness.  The Spiritual Heart is the source of all happiness, wisdom and is our home inside, our pure awareness, spirit or soul.  It is like finding an oasis inside of you.  Once learned it creates a path to freedom from daily life struggles.  Fears, self doubt, disappointments, loss are all comforted from within. We are learning to access a more balanced state of being and refining our spiritual energies.  Here we learn how to be more present with heart in our daily life.

Applying this to your Daily Life

You will learn how to continually access this state as an ongoing reality.  Learning how to live in your natural state of being which is emanating from you Heart will heal the outer life challenges.  You will be introduced to creative ways to access this state during your daily activities.  "Staying connected" to your true nature will stabilize your awareness in your Spiritual Heart where you can more easily answer your deepest questions and receive direction from within.

Other Benefits

This sessions includes meditation techniques, learning your spiritual heart mantra, the practice of WuWei.

Instructors and Registration:

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Ruth Davis or Nicole Becker,